मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


ing Co, Since 2001 we are in the region and we specialized for Janitorial Services, Rope Access Cleaning Technology, House Keeping and Hospitality Services.

Our services extended from Corporate to Governments sectors, High Rise Buildings and to the Industrial Sectors.

Our highly qualified and trained staffs work in close coordination with our customers so that they can offer the best suited solutions as per their specific needs. They closely monitor the complete process of the company and ensure smooth functioning of the organizations. This enables our client to focus on their core area of the business and enhance their performance.

Our motto is “Delivered on time, EVERY time”


we aim to provide an excellent cleaning service that is:
• Efficient
• High quality

Operational efficiency is created by the effective utilization of resources to achieve the best possible operation results. We provide manpower plans defining numbers of people, their skills and their effective allocation

Methods of work will constantly be reviewed to ensure continued relevance and usefulness. Any improvements and savings identified will be notified to our clients for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

We are committed to providing consistently high standards through attention to detail and the implementation of our Quality Systems.