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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bio hazardous material


Bio hazardous material means a pathogenic organism, including a blood borne pathogen, that, because of its known or reasonably believed ability to cause disease in humans, would be classified as Risk Group 2, 3 or 4 as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada, or any material contaminated with such an organism; blaster means a worker who holds a valid blaster’s permit issued under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation; blasting area means the location at which explosives are being prepared, fired or destroyed or in which armed charges are known or believed to exist, and, except at a mine site, extends at least 50 meters in all directions from the location;

Blasting machine means a portable device used to initiate detonation; blasting mat means a heavy mat made of woven rope, steel wire or chain, or improvised from other material, placed over loaded holes to prevent earth, rock and debris from being thrown in the air by the detonated explosive.

boatswain’s chair means a seat that is suspended from ropes, from which one person works on the side of a building; “body belt” means a body support consisting of a strap with a means for securing it about the waist and attaching it to other components; boom means the part of a structure that is attached to a crane or lifting device superstructure and used to support the upper end of the hoisting tackle. Boom truck means a truck that is equipped with a hydraulically driven structure or device that
(a) is mounted on a turret that is secured to a truck,

(b) is supported to provide stability, and

(c) is equipped with a boom that
(i) is telescoping or articulating, and

(ii) Can swing or hoist or raise and lower its load; bootleg means that portion of a drill hole or borehole that

(a) Is not destroyed after an explosive charge is detonated in it, and

(b) may or may not contain explosives; BSI means British Standards Institute; “building shaft” means an enclosed vertical opening in a building or structure extending to two or more floors or levels, including an elevator, a ventilation shaft, a stairwell or a service shaft;

Bulk shipment with respect to a controlled product means a shipment of the controlled product that is contained, without intermediate packaging, in

(a) a vessel with a water volume of more than 454 liters,
(b) a freight container, a road vehicle, a railway vehicle, a portable tank, a freight container carried on a road or railway vehicle, ship or aircraft or a portable tank carried on a road vehicle or railway vehicle, ship or aircraft,
(c) The hold of a ship, or
(d) a pipeline; buried facility means anything buried or constructed below ground level respecting electricity, communications, water, sewage, oil, gas or other substances including, but not limited to, the pipes, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, valves, manholes, catch basins and attachments to them;