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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dilko Bhittaima Official Music Video || The Cartoonz Crew

THE CARTOONZ CREW presents || Dilko Bhittaima || Singer: Almoda Rana Uprety , Anjila Regmi , Nabin Rawal Lyrics: Milan Bista Arranger:Almoda Rana Uprety Music: Nabin Rawal Mixed & Mastered: Ujjwal Shreryan Mahat Recordist: Anup Rana Uprety Recorded on: Kripa Drishyam Studio Choreography: Saroj & Aashma Cinematographer: Rameshwor Karki Drone: Manoj Thapa Editor & Colourist: Prabin Shrestha Concept & Direction: Saroj Adhikari Post:Mokshya Production Artists : The Cartoonz Crew Aashma Biswokarma, Saroj Adhikari, Lakpa D Lama, Ram Ghale, Subin C Adhikari, Bikash Rai Featuring Artist : Bipana Thapa, Pranjali Sapkota, Anu Rai, Anjali Syangbo, Manas Shrestha, Pemba Magar, Bidur Thapa Lights Crew: Ujjan Kumar Bharati, Santosh Urao, Megraj Dhimal MUA: Bimala Tamang & Mina Nepali Production manager:Prakash Hamal Special Thanks To: National Kathmandu Model College, Lalitpur / Creation Fitness & Dance Studio,Haddigaun / Meeting Point/ Surendra Subedi, Suresh Simkhada, Amitesh Shah

The movie was just stolen by the movie Chhakkapanja"s song, and some songs began to get ridiculous. Hundred folk singer and compiler bomber Bahadur Karki's song Hoo Vuhu Ram Prasad Khanal went on to make a record that some issue was marketed. Today, the writer and elderly singer Rajendra Thapa, known as social network, has stolen his song Almora Rana by stealing his song.

Where's the name of the album Alora Rana?

Razzaj's picture sticking to my song (Rajzarjani's song) on ​​Sunday night, 10, fourteen, was released 3 hours ago in the video of Alamada's song visually ...

At the wall of Dil Dil, in the wall of the heart, give the love free, that is, love is free, whether it is not in the picture of my picture, Bolt's song is released.

Millennium Bust has been written or stolen by Almond, Anjali and Naveen Raw and the music of Almonda and the novel of Naveen Rawal have been stolen in the hollow line of this song. There are types of fate: -

1, "Ramzajee's (4) photo (3) in the wall of the heart (6)" 4/3/6 to 13 letters, as well as the same miter 4/3/6 = 13 and quantity "(not) (4) (my) The picture (3) in the heart of the heart (6) "with the word" my "(2 volume) tries to detect and make the wall separate from the wall in the bottom, even if it is known to be deceived. Ray songwriter himself came to the wall of the flame picture heart. But how is the quantity and style and the picture of Meter Razzaiz's Song Song (whether it's not a picture)? Not so much.

2, Almost ten months ago, our song recorded in our song recording studio features all of the work of Almonds and a basement. And in the second song, please, the Alamada's brother Anup Rana has recorded the second song. Understanding this song, just as many as one and a half months, as much as his brother Anupal had recorded in the main bhokhora of Almadoda. 3, Milan Busthe listened to the studio and stolen the words of Almonda or Almodo's brother, or the other staff. Did Steal From Studios?

4, How Is It Alarmado Attached? Do not let them know that someone stole or stole the nineteen? Already there is no water in the past with the water and the capsons in the past.

5, Aladoda is only a singer as a singer, so he should be punished. 3 hours ago, why was the hurry removed? Do you think that theft is not to be blamed? You are aware of all the fascinating attachments. Sorry, the publication of the Studio studio is moral and personal responsibility to be employed by algorithm or innovative, who is being investigated and investigated about theft of the song on its studio.

Also, the revised Cartoon Crusade should avoid acting on such a stolen song. Theft stolen is theft of theft, and the intellectual stolen should be considered inaccessible. Tomorrow the thief owns his own thieves.

Immediately, the song removes the word from the song in the wall and alerts another. In the heart of your heart / similar miter can be applied to your heart. Otherwise, action will be increased on theft of intellectual property against YouTube, mercy studio, almodda and songwriter Aadiya.

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