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Monday, November 20, 2017

Na Ta Phool Banna Sake - Sharad Pandey

Right for this video is provided by Basanta Films Pvt.Ltd.
Na Ta Phool Banna Sake
Singer – Santosh Tamang
Lyrics – Sharad Pandey
Music – Rajkumar Bagrar
Artists – Bikram Budhathoki, Kristina Thapa & Sandeep
Editor – Amrit Chapagain
Camera – Mukesh Humagain & Team
Director – Shishir Shrestha

Therefore he has to conquer the soldiers of inimical kings, and thus, with religious principles, he should rule over the world." Considering all aspects, Arjuna had no reason to refrain from fighting. If he should conquer his enemies, he would enjoy the kingdom; and if he should die in the battle, he would be elevated to the heavenly planets whose doors were wide open to him. Fighting would be for his benefit in either case. TEXT 33 atha cet tvam imam dharmyam sangramam na karisyasi tatah sva-dharmam kirtim ca hitva papam avapsyasi SYNONYMS atha--therefore; cet--if; tvam--you; imam--this; dharmyam--religious duty; sangramam--fighting; na--do not; karisyasi--perform; tatah--then; sva-dharmam--your religious duty; kirtim--reputation; ca--also; hitva-- losing; papam--sinful reaction; avapsyasi--do gain. TRANSLATION If, however, you do not fight this religious war, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter. PURPORT Arjuna was a famous fighter, and he attained fame by fighting many great demigods, including even Lord Siva. After fighting and defeating Lord Siva in the dress of a hunter, Arjuna pleased the lord and received as a reward a weapon called pasupata-astra. Everyone knew that he was a great warrior.

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