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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Nepali teej song | Bikriti | Bhumika Giri & Jyoti Magar

Watch new Nepali teej song Bikriti by Bhumika Giri & Jyoti Magar only on Bhumika Giri's official YouTube channel.
Bhumika Giri Presents:- New Nepali teej song 2075
Song:- Bikriti
Vocal:- Bhumika Giri & Jyoti Magar
Lyrics:- Netra Aryal
Music:- Khem Century

A brand new teej song featuring Jyoti Magar.

Director:- Prakash Bhatta
Camera:- Rajesh Ghimire
Edit:- Bishnu Sharma
Artists:- Jyoti Magar, Bhumika Giri, Malati Ghale, Anjila Waiba, Sabita Pariyar & Sima Gharti
MUA:- Juna Lungeli
Post Production:- Sai Vision Pvt. Ltd. 01-4102684
© Bhumika Giri, 2018
Around the Tent festival, the sequence of songs of the Tejas is rising. Jyoti Magar, and role of Ghori's Truk Dharma song 'Virtual', has been released in a series of different stories on the festival of this year's tale. Two singers have produced interesting songs by implanting each other.

The role of the new generation is hopeful of the hope, but Jyoti Magar is a brand of Nepali folkdoor. In both stage stage, both garments are at their own level. The representation has its own different returns. Jyoti Magar is not known for the appearance of Glamor, while ethnic dresses use more role in role-playing stage.

The same type of allegations in the song have made light of the role and the light has made the allegation of the allegations. The song 'Arya Aryal' and 'rhythm' are Centuryuri in the song of Jyoti Magar and the role of roles, Prakash Bhatt directed by the director of the song, Prakash Bhatt. Similarly, Bishnesh Sharma, the video released by Rajesh Ghimire, has taken place.

It has become public that Jyoti Magar, Role Giri, Malti Ghale, Angela Viva, Sabita Parar and Sima Parthi, have lost their own role in playing a video role.

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