मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

चल्ती आएको- तीज गीत चर्चा बटुल्दै

The great Hindu festival of Teej all women began to get around the side! Teej songs started to come to the market in order to learn more. In this volume Khuman officer and Shanta Krishna father's words and Khuman family authority 'has peaked' sang the song has been recently published.

Shanta Krishna own father and family made the screen romantic music video for next prepared under the direction of Shankar. Constant communication and music video krsnababule busy marketplaces of previous years, "the sparrow carile" the audience sang the song the audience was very appreciated.

Shanta Krishna Pariyar father and presentations of the "copy unless the innings has peaked," the song Nightingale Media Pvt Ltd vine YouTube channel has let the public the same song music video.

Hindu women candidates, Inc radiant and even a great festival of Teej song haritalika s market has started to come. The cultural festival of Teej, women s nominal recognized as the most enduring of vocational radiant singing male artist prints have not only good income. As their country and abroad, including discussion and popularity have earned. Fee Every year the students of the arrival of competition along with the artist and the author of the students, including the amazing sight in competing. Only show your presence for even old author s only cause even a red-song record it anyway if new artist s eagerness of others as an opportunity to notice the artist as the use of lie Fee has degrees do. Most of the artist singing chops dohori s song from the album to the radiant sign of strength. Teej is that it has degrees in Nepal is not only the artists living abroad, including prints of the artist himself did not escape from the arts sector as a means to confirm the use of even strength. Another brilliant all year round, and especially by artisans and artistic folk song, artist prints the attachment of money earned enough has been done to invest Fee song.

Every year most of the radiant melody, male participation is critical. Even more critical radiant sign of a song does not appear to fall in male participation. Instead, each year an increasing number of male artist to sing devotional songs get the locals. Looking radiant in terms of building up a song, male participation is essential as is. Digvaja matter how improbable female artist despite his devotional songs composed a song, go to the market to bring or own santusta than the female artist is not. Koirala heads haridebi singer singing at their own practice, but Prajapati Parajuli as well as prints of the artist entered the red-song composition that later appears to have been taken over the responsibility of the male artists.