मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Pashupati Sharma - Teej Song Lai Lai Pashupati Sharma credit goes to bring the current altitude atisayukti than the norm. He has "talakkai Anna talkiyo" The Teej song lyrics Heat impasse and male participation in male voice came over the titling things. Each year, more than a dozen of the composition tijagita Pashupati Sharma had an earlier age of thirteen songs from the market. This time, eighteen songs that he had written already been made public through Facebook. Their song singer from Nepal reputation gauchana midway. People chanted again hinges, Radhika Hamal, including the famous song from the artist s Pashupati sarmakai red-established artists are s. The current situation reminds the students of their songs chanted Bhandari, Janaki, including but are Taramira. With the new and old artists treat cahanchana pasupatika song.

Khuman Adhikari -  Khuman radiant personalities another song. The expectation of a good many songs recorded rich Khuman Nepal briefed the students dominated the artist does not differ. He only made a loud song Khuman gaudainana studio to record the number of the queue with the artist s turn to get big results again waiting for her to avoid the Fee camp has been prepared. Fluent in both medium and improve this scale prints chanted easy to sing with Khuman manchana because chanted tone level limits and can range gayikale day looking to build his songs speak. With Khuman Nepal are famous chanted songs till midway radiant. Always like this year also chanted art spooks, Ramila Neupane, Shanta Pariar, Sharmila bisvakarma, Holy satrungi But, custom Kunwar, Parvati Khatri, buds, whores, Jamuna Rana, Sarita Gurung, Uma Giri, Amrita lungeli But, Sita Rana, ranjita Thapa, Khadka fulfillment, goddess members, Purnakala BC, peace goldsmith, yasodha Khadka, petunias, Anil Pandey Michelle songs from the inhabitants of the camp chanted Khuman take that are out.

Bisht bista - devotional songs are also adequate in the market. Traditional yearly two three promising Lai s record by making the old song of the heart lie Bisht die without making a record of the author. According to the men's participation in the creation of red-song vocal track of a valid despite the participation of the tradition of the men who believe that avenges Bisht don folk musical area are no different than. His red-light, but the song, Preeti Ale, hinges, such as re-prints have gone timro chanted.

Ramesh Raj Bhattarai - very strong hold on the modern song and music lyrics to create radiant in their councils, including Ramesh Bhattarai agrapankti be seen in. As their discussion on a few songs as chosen in numerical gather Bhattarai's "my old best-cija NRNA" and "Hong Sunita to cura" by the two songs are coming on the market.

Tejesa Regmi - numerically many songs are created, the author of the Middle tejesa Regmi. S New chanted devotional songs about the market with more than a dozen songs to bring their festival tejasaka s market every spoilsport. This time, "but the light in June," and "Baby banauchu", thatched-roof lobe tinaiko durga Sapkota, Shah continues, drought-role, not Jhapa-season Thapa, my Budo mira skills, dancing doll-Radha Thakuris carrier, this is roirahane mind-Laxmi Gautam, where it is the way to go about a dozen songs by hoicha-turquoise officials from tejesa camp is sure to come on the market.

Baikuntha Mahat-This time, the local election Lai mahata city of god full song music singer made Muay Mahat also abundantly s devotional songs are on the market. The choice made in the UML party to discuss the song reached the summit in the ultra-author of Grand. Sheetal Sharma red-kai cheko pieces come on the market to take a good discussion of mythological panijahaja -2.
NTD carrier - hot as always this time of the month of the author, NTD a dozen times, his conversation has given us information radiant song comes on the market.

Prakash Katuwal - statehood and a master dohori duiarthi word that in conjunction with the song lyrics singer of light Katuwal s also talk of the town in terms of their festival agrasthanamai all have to live. This time, "weakens the cat that he named his song comes on the market have expressed their social networks.