मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Monday, June 26, 2017

No state of emergency in the country

When someone says that no state of emergency in the country, my answer would be the same terror and vandalism should take power, not only the last measure of the state of emergency. There are also hundreds of other ways to jitter, which is not the state of emergency.

Does not state that all afraid, just afraid of them give, who are afraid of political power. These people are constructed around an environment, which create fear, let him. This is where the environment continues to state that you fear. Internet connection is cut university. Patel had movement, the Internet is turned off.

Dalit movement were, the Internet stops. The point of Madhya Pradesh would be closed mandsaur Internet? Internet speed would like to mandsaur Moscow? Digital and data used to check the history of peasants shot. When the people are afraid of political power, and he does not believe in the Internet. However, when Bangladesh and Burma fake photo by communal frenzy spread abroad among the people, do not cut at the Internet.

It is such a mania, which in our time is the fear of the document. The file is not found in the environment. Speaking on the phone from Calcutta saying that he was the man to abuse. He introduced me to you sudhra said, while I June 6 What is the income of farmers? That discussion was getting out of the studio. The farmers say that crime in your own income is 1600? Fifty percent of the cost while the government seemed repulsed by adding seed to meet its promise of not. What if a farmer is berated? In any case I was sentenced to abuse, such as the Indian culture, it is rare that I have cherished document.

Such abuses must be collected by the parliament jhundyainu wall. The day the CBI raided enaditibhika where promoters have increased the number killed that day, my mobile phone. Regarding enaditibhiko already prepared a false content has to stay. The details have been shown at times. No one says it to me on the phone M, no separatist. Me, Michal says that if you repeatedly through WhatsApp, I support the Maoists kept yonder confusion. Ahmedabad BJP supporters at the airport that he would do to console a serious I could not support communism. One day a person to lie through WhatsApp phailaine the reference point becomes, and they begin to see the same glasses. Many people believe that this jhuthama the day, I'm surrounded by highways, such as people can be killed. They ordered the Home file, not murder. All of these things that the environment be found, where it is being produced. India's new political industry confusion.

Political parties have now engineers are sowing such confusion. You will find all the answers to two questions only your concern. These are the people who are and are not pro? For this test, you're not often that Modi's Twitter handle. Many singers, writers, social workers rotated, the people becoming timeline can confirm it. These are the same people, who talk to the farmers and the poor whenever anyone Naxalite (Maoist) declared a day. That's easy to say it, the Chief Minister, the farmers are not dead by the police bullets.

They are dead shift in anti-social elements. There are another chief, saying that the sins of bhadkauneharule for Farmers. Farmers across the country are in different places. A day on the social network tiniharuviruddha campaign calnecha they are not farmers, are sinners. Nowadays, Leader of the Opposition against any journalist spent on any story, and what spiritual joy to look at his face looks. These journalists center or a story you against sattadhariharuko Label, and they face the view. The government's claim that the work of journalists, and the authenticity of the first to understand skeptical. However, there is increased the number of government patrakaraharukai believe. Such journalists can easily say, it was even before. The government commission has increased the level of Indian journalism.

Government journalists love to supply, demand is more than. So even now doing what journalists might favor power. This is the basic reason is that these journalists should be tuned to favor competition is bruised. Crying, screaming, or ulkyaumdai dhamkyaumdai they can fire at a day studiyomai. No matter what my friend, every second word after the call record that is not being questioned? What is it to me if there is no evidence that the environment are on everyone's phone records may do. Sallaha that have begun to grow in your mouth. I also know that, whatever may crowd. The crowd can kill a cow, in the name of any Musalman. The crowd can kill a child stolen spaces, any Hindu.

The crowd anchor (feast) is crying out for food donations kept a Sikh turban can sevadarako. Uttar Pradesh, when a police officer is the same, if I ask for whom security? Uttar Pradesh SSP Bajrang about security should not be party leader. This is not the crowd, politics is a new rocket, which is being launched every day. The warning may have to be cautious when increases, it means fear of social political and economic distribution has become widespread.

Not every place in fear. Glory is around, who is speaking to socio-economic issues. Such a person may be, and the institution of. Two days ago, a call came from the market of Old Delhi border. He was saying that he was socking merchant, now say it can not be free of all open, but if this man tyaksa sales, the CBI put them and discredit the idea of ​​a social network. Good thing that made it so freely you are speaking.

I did not speak on every matter, the ability to speak the nails. This spastikaranale merchant market that did not border me. His voice was mixed with fear. I wanted them in the phone's voice was coming utapattibata fear mixed. Exactly the same time speaks of journalists, lekhdaichan but they continue to have access to news is becoming more limited.

They are all in their respective organizations and neighborhood alone. Setting the song singing lead tone that power. Their voice is too large.

You may listen to this chorus. The chorus is getting out of the music, the music of fear. Indian media have been living in fear in the capital. We always niskinchaum all the capital. There is no fear of the CBI, the crowd, which is also out of the police station, the court also has premises. This bhidaprati as people are positive, that is a threat to the document. Such people are not on file, are found in your neighborhood.