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Monday, June 26, 2017

Qatar :Direct effect of cries

Direct effect of the crisis and the Nepalis who queue: Black clouds covered the emirate sarlakkai had won the Middle East diplomatic madarieko .That effect deathbed that Nepalis working here hollow out how the little things that the limits of the social impact due to the Nepali s government, including the general public to understand the time has come for prints.

advisor, super market, too devoid of green vegetables. Despite the announcement by the Government urged the food available in the market situation does not seem to come out of courtesy thula supermarket food prices stable despite the bakala "Little Shop" .In the increased market value of the students from the value of akasieko most of the social impact of Nepali workers because most of the Nepalese workers s s for the limits of the daily need of the goods depends harumai there are small shops. Three or four real price per recounts restricted supermarket tomato I reached nine and ten riyals.

A real pratikalo cell pursue onion prices reached five Rial is also found to fall short not to buy. Soybean oil 14/15 Real Madrid has ten supermarkets I, outgoing little shop where the government less likely to be monitored has around twice the price of goods remains there. The 24 Tarek Eid eve former advisor s big three food retailer Lulu Center, kvaliti and Safari Hyper Market courtesy tomato was available. There was no information on how long may be available. Most of the Nepalese brothers were looking for just the source of meat and goat meat was not available for these outlets in all three! About two o'clock in the afternoon when Safari Hyper Market was three kg of mutton which rest home at the price of 35 kg was real than the defending market value is more than two times. Availability of fish remains.

If the situation is so dire tug and tugging jyudo animal market is a tragic situation. Significant jyuda limits the value of distilled spirits has continued to decline. Agilla riyal eight years to succeed this time acquired the goat I sold five hundred! The availability of many! Saudi border crossing brought to goat and goat s truck loaded with clean-line marketplace puryaiyo Returns and directly. Significant limits for these seeds is not available. Grain traders to cover their expenses, even prolonged feeding is difficult There are so cheap I'm having sold a goat s. The truck door truck dire green grass would be available before the first is now deserted Mandi. Shopper s customers, who are tempted to drag and ghataghatama tachada sell goat breed, because the more time they get to that much had been undergoing losses. Dry garlic vegetable side has reached the value of 24 riyals riyal 36 kg. Ginger is so akasieko. Supermarket to succeed. These goods shall not be available to the students of the small shop. Occupies about 60 percent of the milk products factory in the company's products in alamarai come chadepani another brand of milk-made products factory in garirahechana prints.

Decreased availability of small shops to succeed, but the price is not increased. Pepsi and other beverages that limits the value is stable, "khabusa" The availability and the price is also the defending Cai. It is the largest retailer of petroleum products "vukuda" the diesel supply has been cut. For four days, ten thousand liters of diesel from giving the nearly two thousand avunakhala Nepali workers gathered yesterday at the rendezvous of the company is based sivira thousand liters of diesel available to appropriately As a result, the inhabitants of the camp Nepali s load shedding has started. When diesel factory in turn is not sure. 300 liters of oil daily spend large Tata car a total of 120 liters of gas station yesterday ICT draibharale found only diesel. The first trip with the oil and car thankiyo being left the workers on duty Unless workers are going away from the site s (Vertical) I will show up in limbo. That's why oil to earn their camp Bose was inadmissible. The world's largest gas producer naturopathy queue for diesel and other products, said petrokemikala s neighboring countries is dependent on.

Qatar, Saudi Arab, or the championship are working toward the main opiates company s doors shut. There is a serenity that restricted work of Nepalese s salary there are doubts. Supply of Construction Materials lajistika of the company (keep the beam) department is handling the Chitwan Young is said here is indebted to the estate of the trap. Monthly salary of a million Nepali rupees understand him now allows the companies to worry about how much salary Whether to give or because some stuff is not coming from outside. Pracejina nabhaepachi first disrupted lajistika Department.

Airline tickets provided by the companies that fly into the championship went to Nepal Workers' s stranded doors away. Qatar Airlines and other companies of the limits akasieko ticket prices. After his father died young of emergency in Nepal Butwal just returned from a one-way ticket bought in 1680 by the province Likewise, spend. Defending Budget airline tickets provided by the prints had come round by 1 thousand. The akasieko of workers killed on the same ticket worth has occurred. Fly championship, ittihada and went to Nepal Air Arabia ticket bought tickets s provision for up to 40 viewed 50 thousand workers from cutting toward the doors with just the bad influence of McAfee. Information Communication strict blockade of the country, and it had no effect, even to understand the Nepalese embassy for camping or not bhijita. Two embassies in the four Nepalese lawyers called up the discussion about the state of the market and the first step was to extract a statement problem in Nepal s presence anywhere except dekhidaina Embassy.

Green vegetables that exceeded the value shall not have to write any patrikale or vegetable that is not available yet. No print queue s masses have hindered the work of the government in favor of limits and their vehicles, and other social networks to place his image pasting support katari There are nodding. Blockade of the country to overcome the main four-point proposal prints sent to the queue 13 in which the government has rejected outright the proposal to be closed Al Jazeera Televisions also was included. The embargo arising lamvidai large employers to adjust the company's cost of risks for their decline in revenue and employee cuts will obey start. So because of reduced first outsourced or third party workers from the Capture s cuts to them.

The direct hit Nepali workers because almost 99 percent of Nepal s need to make sure the workers through the company's main source s out of work for such employers do to "supply" is called. S labor supply company, they also have their own private work happens to be the only agent. Aniharule which have caused the power supply for such a man to take the manpower companies that can break the agreement unilaterally at any time, or to cut it. As one of the 20 companies with the supply cleaning staff are taking a bank suddenly called ten ten and if they cut the s viability, the possibility of direct unemployed. Another contract will supply the companies with workers except wait, no other option. Due to these and other such diverse Nepali s direct impact from the crisis midway Middle East, too. However, as in the war immediately because there is no possibility of any possibility of damage can not be human.

Government secrecy laws to queue the right colors simultaneously with the exchange of experience is placed in his writer's identity secret