मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Monday, June 26, 2017

No Kiss No Bed

Amid songs with many model s arrival is, Debut model s the most popular singer chanted s the song in the investment is by the modalida • to mind parauchana so that the arrival of popular songs from the guard, the old model and the film's Hot Prev s also tijako song dance to the occasion as a linchana Cai, popular songs chanted Vishnu also informed that her husband amid palkera in Sumy Ghimire and mendilagau AE Shushma in Buda is the official dance Song s to add glamor to help make the thing we among viditai is similar to Vishnu my possession last amid the song, "I turned around is" in great hero rajesa carrier with kanphidensiyala ektida and powerful dance and suddenly the discussion came Dev Campus in viviesa in the third year of studying the model Binu Subedi interesting conversation with our representatives. You are the kalakarita on arrival How our question Binu muskuraina and tilted eyes ghumaudai Boleyn-look in my home Surkhet to Surkhet I pass I Surkhet Dance idle kampitisana at first that I was, the same competition in the present my video s Sir yutyuva also can view , the competition to come in when I jitepachi increased desire, and immediately ghanasyama Khadka to "the hand Bala Tina "song that modlida • sends my curtains in a formal arrival of that, and intri to continuing this area an attitude I've been struggling, and after that I Anju Pant to a selfish raichau little you that the song worked the songs in the My authenticator for the sake of did the audience dancing and acting and I can take that can work in both areas at the summit that decision.

How many songs on the work sends rajesa carrier with the authenticator opportunity paunubho that question Binu bhanchina-although my 8-9 Video s sutida • resolved and some of the work the rest of the release to be fulfilled, and includes how to work around Paves release the quality of most of the posts in the chanasankhyatmaka carefully acting on the same, I intend to be very keen of the video s some different skins Ali dancing in the song Pa offer A person was awake, but I could not play the song again in the song refers to the arrival of mind I was in this area has also katinai and video badhdaichana s slowly Anyway, I am satisfied.

Rajesh carrier as great artist with the acting, and what experience and didst that question Binu serious soloist, in fact, I myself feel that my kanphidenta level high, I quickly nervous, not Keane, I by no means in the horn do not want to, even starting in the rajesa carrier with take a little nervous about acting and dance to Gajural rajesa head byabahara and encourage me not to be nervous, I also support Progressive Vic head in this song uh rajesa To act freely and to dance with materials sakemagraja support and said his ambition is to complete kanphidenta to match a lot of time to think out, now I rajesa Discard Hamal also easy to solo through working with Imran can show.

Movies on offer, yes, perhaps Such beauty is our question Binu the forehead to come to hair panchaudai bhanina, Cinema game suggested that s come as those suggested NIH offer bhanihalna not have, but also looks and height and Becky officer like that film on go many who support the elders, s also said that he would love to see me, the artist Becky officer, pahilya See i Becky G of performance from very affected also have the same take the right time and the right people from the offer came I film the play, but the film play in for any kisima unethical deal from me will be, the next thing Sir has asked, story, according to the Sin is that part of the display and the bed is great with both, but I have these, is acting in his own art show, presented by my art to be installed in indastri cahan I am.

I have a family to support, and his mihineta from here until the aipugem Now I have to work from the family of the head jhuknuparne or what I have done art for my own family, with the sitting see undeniable is that I have a family to trust broken stand, so I samijika dignity within the framework of family plot carried Video or would like to work only in the film s, unrestrained ambition is to be hit by propaganda palnechai Not only is this my oath before the entire family and society, so that my film debut in the desired time lamvina may be protected legally established from ideas and I no shortcuts anymore.

End in my audience s with to tell you, I Binu Subedi my acting and dance through for you, among the set of the skirt, "my Brevity HUD • Cod • The Gurkha me so turned around that" I rajesa carrier with the performance by the famous my chanted Vishnu once to look at my work amid song and suggest you give me advice on how to counsel, I would bamojima s efforts to make himself a more sophisticated will, uh Zur s the love and encouragement of my way to determine milestone.

(Rajesa carrier of Vishnu with my performance in the song amid the conversation with her in the slogan on Binu Subedi