मन परे दिलमा, मन नपरे डिलमा !

Monday, June 26, 2017

Nepal Election

June 12, Kathmandu. The second round of local government elections has timed publicity. Before voting, the Election Commission of silence period is the period of 48 ghantaaghidekhiko. Silent period candidate of any political party and electoral publicity, meetings and julasaharu not get out. Broken the code of silence period the Commission will take action related to candidates.

That period of silence is an acquaintance election stories calculations. Almost every day the election to ask others to note subtle silence, as the accused have to be used. Silent during the external publicity as all candidates were not allowed inside the reaction goes. Barring some slowing down in time to have their silence.

The parties and candidates, the other side tries to stop when matadataharusamma small group has been found during the clash. During the first phase of the experience of silence Looking at the experience of the first phase of the election silence period Barring violence, money, or the money divided charge of the distribution of the parties accused one another is possible. Security agencies have been more sensitive silence, as they take time. During the first round of elections divided the money Congress cadres accused of Nuwakot bidura municipality UML cadres were beaten.

The results of the influence of money silence them, and saying voters Mustang, UML, Maoists and the then Minister Roman Gauchan free ummevarale siege had given police protection. The charges were false saying that affected the break. Kapan, Kathmandu municipality, including the then Vice-Minister Gagan Thapa went to visit sick relatives and money during the election campaign, reports that the CPN-UML cadres had tried to attack.

Period of silence not to? According to the Election Commission issued acarasanhita period of silence and do not seek to promote the election record. Silent period before beginning the polling station around 300 m having placed their election signs and removed promote and disseminate content. Election candidate or political party insignia clothing, hats, stickers, logos, bags, tattoo gun, such as use of the material found in the symbolic. To sell or display the contents of election signs is not even. Candidate or political party dissemination of information to be published or broadcast any news or to FIGS. Break the silence, to take action? Breaking the silence, if it is related to the code of conduct addressing canceled the candidacy of candidates to Rs 1 lakh can jarivana law relating to the election commission is mentioned in Law 073. The Election Commission of Inquiry team or not, or a violation of a code of conduct monitoring of anyone found guilty will immediately raukna order.

However, the Commission not to follow the order and fined up to Rs 1 lakh candidates that may be even canceled. The Election Commission has stated that no candidate in law violated the electoral commission of conduct independent, free and fair manner and not be convinced the Commission that if it has a clear and due to open by the Commission may cancel such a candidate is contesting. Cancel candidacy before the appropriate opportunity to give optimum candidates related.