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Sunday, July 16, 2017

हरेक दिन गाईजात्रा-देउवाको अन्तर्वार्ता

Dear Sher Bahadur deuva Jyu,

Prime Minister and President of the Nepali Congress.

While creating your letters SAPTARI Terai districts, including the destruction of the flood havoc news is coming. It also SAPTARI samacarasamgai you have reached has been found to read the next news. But "where you, there is an explosion" that has begun to take a new principle, as the start. Because of his behavior Saptari fog once again you have been viral.

I was born and raised the flag of the four stars if you suffer for distributing a series of actions. I am proud that people with your actions in front of the Nepali Congress, are constantly flew khosai. My first question is, how to show you that their houses are still left? Your old identity is incomprehensible speech. You've already established, including hoslyane behavior. When-when I was getting used to many things you have almost badanamile. Deleting your principles such introduction of the Nepali Congress has taken. BP has taken the ideal rent. Say, that the errors from these practices are being deliberately?

The first female Chief Justice Sushila Karki, an untimely decision to withdraw the impeachment and again that an outsider in your own? IGP nikayavata relating to the appointment of an unsuccessful effort to pull away, Budhanilkantha palace was and why? Many activists said the head of the Nepali Congress, these two are doubts about the ground. Taking the lead in these bizarre events are still waiting for? The third stage is a stage to be completed prior to the election also maketh you glory. In the past, the king handed over democracy, the Nepali Congress, disunity, and established pajero culture, MP bought and sold not remember how I made more old your work. But the state and central elections from time to time to ask whether the mind. Which also said that the election of republicanism, federalism, the Nepali Congress and the whole country in the future is hidden.

The letter read, 'You hunuuhuncha more speaking' that would steal thadyaunuhuncha finger? Each question is answered 'I am Astrology?' That would jharkinu? Similarly, his naive liirahanuhola you own. But the Nepali Congress and the country is not naive discount for joining us.

The answer to the question, I did mind, your counselor-who? If the counselor if they are, why you are trying to settle? Why could not you own counselor is looking for? This is the fourth innings to take you as an opportunity to correct a mistake in the history of the asaralla not?

What I particularly want to ask questions about why you often find the right prime minister? That is. Do not plan, nor behavior. Neither development nor exhaust problems? You are in favor of the political life of the country and the people are the only significant work? BP wearer is saved by the Nepali Congress bhannuhos long? You have not answered, please nagaidinuhola interview programs. The Program Terms of the share issue was, I can not say. But there is no question they were all Nepalese. And, they spoke in their own pain. The people need to question the prime minister was so tarsana and drift?

Others read the memorandum that has the right address? At least so purifying rakhidiuhola is from. Dagamathi spot and Tata adding tatamathi comedy Metacafe every day that he should please Baluwatar Singha and unmapped empty. This will be the right step you take in the present. I beg you, the Congress and the country bacaidinuhola.

Jai Nepal.
Sulochana Khatiwada
Kathmandu Nepal

स्वतन्त्र सुचना, समाचार र विचार हाम्रो प्रथामिकता -जमर्को

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