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Monday, November 13, 2017

New Nepali Song 2074/2017 | Timrai Kakhma - Om Rodan & Anju Panta Ft. Re...

New Nepali Song 2017/2074 "Timrai Kakhma" By Om Rodan & Anju Panta only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

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Right for this video is provided by Raag Records Pvt.Ltd.

Timrai Kakhma

Singer – Om Rodan & Anju Panta

Lyrics – Eknarayan Bhandari

Music – Ashish Abhiral

Artists – Reema Bishwokarma & Om

Editor – Nishan Ghimire

Camera – Utsav Dahal

Director – Arjun Adhikari

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Firearms were counteracted by water weapons, which are now unknown to modern science. Nor do modern scientists have knowledge of tornado weapons. Nonetheless, the soul can never be cut into pieces, nor annihilated by any number of weapons, regardless of scientific devices. Nor was it ever possible to cut the individual souls from the original Soul. The Mayavadi, however, cannot describe how the individual soul evolved from ignorance and consequently became covered by illusory energy. Because they are atomic individual souls (sanatana) eternally, they are prone to be covered by the illusory energy, and thus they become separated from the association of the Supreme Lord, just as the sparks of the fire, although one in quality with the fire, are prone to be extinguished when out of the fire. In the Varaha Purana, the living entities are described as separated parts and parcels of the Supreme. They are eternally so, according to the Bhagavad-gita also.

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