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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nathi Shah insulted Nepali women

Going to an international beauty contest, "Nithi Shah" is known to Nepal as saying -

Watch the video

 ~There are two types of women in Nepal, village and city. Saharia women are educated and hygienic, and vocals are illiterate and dirty in women, especially in illiterate and nut-hijjin straight language. Where is this and many Nepali women go to different countries and are seldom sold? !!

Niti ... !! You can see Ramp Modeling and Fashion Show in Nepal like you and just a educated and clean bathroom with women going to the club! Once you go to the village, look after the pudding and palm of the house, the ladder and the tail three times that women have not been hygiene. You can not always bathe in the winter of Kathmandu, but you say we have the 'village women'. All women rise up at 4 in the morning and bath in the stream, even though they do not have to be replaced with the same type of new clothes you like, but they always wash and wash clothes. The father of the father gave you designer clothes, walking on the day-long farming and seeing the clay clay in the cloth, not telling them that women are not hygiene, as if you have not seen an unusual woman like a dream Niti Shah!

Now talk about a woman who is illiterate! I do not know myself. I am a village born in the village, sitting in the Hybridhi village, a village which was compiled at Bachelor Lehal village. And what basis do you think the villagers of the village become illiterate?

Lastly, the first thing we have heard to hear, is that the women of Nepal's women are sold out in many countries outside !! Yes! Even today, by showing assurance of love for false or drama of Nepal, some of the boutiques of Nepal are sold out and sold out in some countries, as being a woman, hearing this news makes us feel hurt if you go abroad and tell us what place you came from. Where is your Chelabri coming to know abroad?

Sorry Niti shah I did not see the illiterate city like you but the model model was still today!

Here is the video of King of Nepal representing Nepal in Miss Earth:

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