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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The destiny of the slaves and the slaves

The destiny of the slaves and the slaves
Goddess Givali only a sample
1. During the local elections, Devi Gyanwali-
'Prachand did not even join coalition with the Congress, beat me from the sandwara, share the golden chain with me.'
2. During the parliamentary election, Devi Gyanwali-
In Chitwan, Prachand will win 9 -10 thousand votes. I am ready to be his commander's commander. '
Yes, the biggest problem of Nepal is Jhapa. Their status is still above the middle of the slums of the Middle Ages. Even if the leader of the leader 'eat', they eat 'party's decision'.
Their leaders do not even hesitate to "handle discipline of the party" than lifting up the hand to sell the country. The person who does not have any ideas and lives for a person, should not believe in such a bad faith.
Assessment for Kashmiri freedom
While giving the news that Indian bundles living in Lanchar are meeting meetings of the Nepalese elections and who are engaged in elections, Gujarat is celebrating Kala Day in Kashmir. On the day of Judgment, he was attacked and captured by Azad Kashmir. Then, in recent times, it is burning blood in Kashmir in Kashmir. The face of Indian imperialism, which is seen in Kashmir, is sufficient to understand its policy. In Nepal, as anticipated by the Indians' representation of the Indian people, many Nepalis have to be entrusted to the Kashmiri people.

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