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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The foreign dolls will keep moving around

One of the foreign crowns of the leader of the leader plays a blanket to move the first round of elections. During the election period, the time of foreign donkeys, who plays a role in the election, can not play the election. After all the preparations made by the third-party foreign donkeys sitting at the highest level, the question raises questions on the ballot.

It should be noted that the duty of overseas gangs should continue to increase the instability of instability of the clock, the movement of Nepalese on the other hand, and the state body in Nepal is not increasing. Not the issue of the citizens of the citizens, neither the issue of development of Nepal, nor the good governance and the issue of law.

It is now being used to create elections and whether or not the elections are held. Although neither elections nor country will be self-elected, nor will it be developed. The local election has confirmed these estimates, but those who spread enlightenment in the nighttime are enemies of the country.

Ask for civil rights and development
Government does not determine the system
It is very important to have a new debate in Nepal
Chinese model systems have become an issue of debate. What it has set up, for the development and basic needs of the citizens, the multi-government system does not change the form of exile.
Nepalis have become partially a partition in the countries where they have been unemployed, feudal and religious, and lack of social consciousness. People of such society are steadfast and destitute, but political elites are selfish, opportunist, robbery and broker. The following countries have been the reason why all the countries occupy the country only from the borders of secularism.
But China is different than what is happening. It has been successful to establish the multi-polygon options in a strong way, not necessarily weak and socially unconscious. From this point, China has not only made the world's political and political powers that unemployment and poverty has also been able to reduce the proportions in America and India.

The brokers, who have robbed the country, are quite legitimate to deal with such things because they are only the lifespicious of the people, but Nepalese citizens need to argue about the form of Nepalese government system by looking for events occurring in the world.

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